'Destinations' - CAMP Morocco shows first results


Excellent news have arrived from the CAMP Morocco area: archaeological excavations have been launched at the site designated to host the tourism development project of Souani in the Al Hoceïma province. Financed by the developer himself - CGI (Compagnie Générale Immobilière), the excavations concern the military bastion of al Mazamma located within the future tourist resort. According to the consultant in charge of historic and cultural sites within the CAMP Morocco, who shared the good news with us, the works are proceeding well, and the boundaries of the site (the walls) have almost been defined.

The Souani site, which got in the focus of attention owing to the "Destinations" project, was chosen as one of pilot activities within the CAMP Morocco the objective of which was to prepare an action plan for its protection and appreciation. It included the following:

•    Restore and consolidate the damaged parts of the bastion, primarily by earthquakes;

•    Manage the space and infrastructure of the site (conservation, a museum or heritage house, or art gallery);

•    Contribute to the promotion of the heritage of the Al Hoceïma region using an integrated approach;

•    Ensure the integration of a cultural component of the territory (ancient monuments) with the creation of economic activities (museum, shops, exhibitions, etc.).

We would like to congratulate and extend our gratitude to the CGI who not only realised the historic value of this site but also recognised the importance of this authentic tourist asset that can considerably enrich the tourism offer of the region.

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