ICZM Priorities within GEF discussed


The Expert meeting to Identify priority actions for Integrated Coastal Management (ICM), within the GEF Strategic Partnership in the Maghreb, Mashrek, Turkey and Adriatic countries was held in the premises of PAP/RAC on April 25-26, 2006. The meeting was attended by 14 participants, including the representatives of beneficiary countries, i.e. Albania, Croatia, Egypt, Montenegro, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey, as well as UNEP/MAP, PAP/RAC and invited experts.

The meeting was part of the PDF B phase of the project, prepared in order to meet the following objectives:
  • to discuss and comment the National Overviews and sub-regional Policy Briefs prepared prior to the meeting;
  • to discuss and recommend the priority actions for ICZM in the region, with the view of the forthcoming ICZM Protocol and reaching an agreement of the specific demonstration areas;
  • to discuss the structure and contents of Policy Briefs and Full Project Brief; and
  • to discuss the next steps.
The GEF Strategic Partnership for the Mediterranean Large Marine Ecosystems consists of a Regional Component and an Investment Fund. The main objective of the Regional Component of the Strategic Partnership is to promote and induce policy, legal and institutional reforms aimed at reversing marine and coastal degradation trends and living resources depletion, in accordance with what had been agreed by the countries in the SAP MED and SAP BIO, to be reflected in their NAPs. The GEF Secretariat has approved a PDF B phase of the project in order to develop a Full Size Project.

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