5+5 Mediterranean Dialogue


The 5+5 Dialogue is a forum for political dialogue which brings together ten countries bordering the Western Mediterranean Basin: five countries of the Arab Maghreb Union (Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia) and five countries of the European Union (Spain, France, Italy, Malta and Portugal).

Since their first meeting in Rome in 1990, several meetings are held regularly both at the level of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and at the level of other ministries, such as the Ministries of the Interior and Tourism.

Following the proposal of Algeria at the meeting of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, which was held in Cordoba, in April 2009, the First Mediterranean Conference on Environment and Renewable Energies in the framework of the 5+5 Dialogue was held in Oran, on 26 and 27 April 2010. Co-chaired by Algeria and Spain, the conference adopted the Declaration of Oran, which, among other conclusions, encourages the countries to sign the ICZM Protocol to facilitate the protection of the Mediterranean.

A video produced by the Algerian Ministry of Land-use Planning, Environment and Tourism sums up the various initiatives undertaken by Algeria to protect its coastal area and promote ICZM.

Together for converging methodologies
Together for converging methodologies

The first meeting of the Integrative Working Group (IWG) was held in GWP premises in Athens, on 1-2 July. Partners of the ICZM component of the GEF Strategic Partnership met reinfo...

Sun rises on CAMP Levante de Almeria
Sun rises on CAMP Levante de Almeria
The CAMP "Levante de Almería", Spain, has been launched officially. The Inception Workshop was organised on 15 July 2010 at the Auditorium of the Almería University. Judging by the